Saturday, February 25, 2012

Required Reading: New Tablet Report from Morgan Stanley

You’ve no doubt heard of white papers, but here is a blue paper (link opens PDF) from Morgan Stanley called “Tablet Demand and Disruption: Mobile Users Come of Age.” (It certainly will make anyone involved in the printing industry blue.) There is a ton of great info—tablet PCs are displacing not only print applications, but also PC usage. One is tempted to be somewhat skeptical and contrarian to projections this bullish, but we don’t find their forecasts outlandish in the slightest.

To wit, the cover story from the recent issue of Information Week that shows how tablets are marching into all sorts of business, “from garbage trucks to cruise ships.”

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Fingers Have Walked Away

Pity the poor Yellow Pages. Once the go-to place to which fingers went a-walking to find phone numbers and addresses, now a much-maligned slab of irrelevance, as evidenced by this photo which has been making the rounds virally. 
As we point out in "Does a Plumber Need a Web Site?", marketing is no longer about simply putting an ad or a listing in the phone book and wait for the fingers to come to you. Now, it's about using a diverse combination of old and new media channels.